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Schedule your Jewelry Party today!

Enjoy a personalized shopping experience
at home with your friends...
or at work with your co-workers...
when you host a fun and easy jewelry party.

You'll earn FREE pearl & gemstone jewelry
set in sterling silver or 14K gold fill,
designed and handcrafted by Heidi Schenk.

You'll find jewelry treasures to keep,
and gorgeous one-of-a-kind gifts to give!

Free gift wrap for each jewelry item purchased.

Prices begin at $25.
Custom orders are welcome.
Cash, checks and major Credit Cards accepted.

Give Heidi a call at Tel. (802) 496-6964
or send her an E-mail.

Creations with Pearls by







Affordable Prices

   Price List

Because Heidi sells her jewelry directly to you, she can keep her prices low. The price list shows descriptions and prices of her current selections.

Host a Jewelry Party

Feel good about hosting a Heidi’s Treasures Jewelry Party in your home or at work! Not only will you and your friends or co-workers have a great time relaxing and shopping for gorgeous custom designed pearl & gemstone jewelry, but you are also helping to support a local artisan from the Mad River Valley in Central Vermont!

Heidi will assist you every step of the way to ensure that you and your friends or co-workers have a wonderful time. She loves to showcase her latest creations and answer your questions. Besides selling her jewelry she gladly will also discuss your design ideas and take custom orders.

Jewelry parties are easy to organize…

… and they are fun too. Below are a few recommendations which will help making your party a memorable experience:

Don’t be afraid to over-invite! Typically, only one in three persons you invite will be able to attend. Plan to invite as many friends, neighbors, and family members as you can accommodate. If the party is held at work, make sure that you first ask your boss for permission and schedule a time which does not interfere with work before inviting your co-workers. Give Heidi your guest list. She will create invitation cards and send them out for you. If you don’t mind she will also encourage everyone on your guest list to bring a friend.

Remind your guests! Make a quick call or send an email to remind your guests of the party’s date and time so they don’t miss all the fun!

Help Heidi showcase her Collections! Designate a central well-lit location where Heidi can set up her jewelry displays. She can bring here own tables, which will be dressed up to make the displays even more memorable.

Offer only simple refreshments! A few beverage choices and some simple appetizers are all you need to keep your guests happy. Place the refreshments where the guests can help themselves. After all your jewelry party is all about you, so mingle, relax and have fun too!

Earn FREE Jewelry!

As hostess you earn valuable benefits:

Shop on us! You'll get FREE jewelry worth 10% of the total guest sales. If the total exceeds $1000 you even get 15%. Imagine the endless style possibilities of all your FREE jewelry.

Our hostesses keep saving! We offer you a 10% discount off the indicated retail price for future purchases of Heidi’s Treasures jewelry at other jewelry parties or at our listed events.

Earn Booking Rewards! For every party booked at your jewelry party, you'll earn a half-price item which you can redeem at your guest's party.

Call Heidi to discuss your plans…

… and schedule an event, if the site of your planned Jewelry Party is within the geographical area shown on the map below. Because of time considerations and travel costs, Heidi cannot travel greater distances. We appreciate your understanding.

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